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Air Chambers
Small honeycomb spaces within the sash and frame which help to insulate and strengthen the window.

Air Filtration
The amount of the air that passes between a window sash and frame. In windows it is measured in terms of cubic feet or air per minute, per square foot of area. The lower the number, the less air the window lets pass through.

Air Latch
Latch Mechanism in the interior face of the sash. That retains the window in a partially open position for ventilation.

Angled Exterior
A sloped extension from the frame that adds an aesthetically-pleasing dimension to the exterior of the window.

Architectural Shapes
Geometric windows of various shapes and styles.

Argon Gas
An odorless, colorless,tasteless, nontoxic gas which is six times denser than air. It can be used to replace air between the glass panes to reduce temperature transfer.

Awning Window
A top-hinged window that swings outward for ventilation.