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Cam Lock and Keeper
The mechanisms which pulls the sash together when placed in a locked position.

Capillary Tubes
Small hollow tubes which penetrate the spacer system of an insulating glass unit. They allow pressure equalization between the manufacturing locations, shipping and installation locations. Since the insulating glass unit is not permanently sealed the air space cannot be filled with Argon gas.

Casement Window
A window with a side-hinged sash that opens outward for ventilation.

Center of Glass U and R Values
The U and R values measured from the center of the glass to 2-1/2” from the frame.

Coittage Window
A double-hung window 2with a large lower Sash.

Condensation Resistance Factor
A measure of the effectiveness of a window or glazing system to reduce the potential for condensation. The higher the condensation resistance factor. The more efficient the window and glazing system.

Energy transfer from one material to another by direct contact.

Heat transfer by currents that flow from a warm surface to a colder one.

Coved Exterior
An arched extension from the frame that adds an aesthetically-pleasing dimension to the exterior of the window.